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How swine viruses spread

How swine viruses spread: Delving into airborne transmission

“We know that vaccinating can decrease the amount of viruses in the air, so vaccination is a good mechanism to prevent airborne transmission” Swine veterinary consultant Dr. Carmen Alonso in Spain picks out lessons from her detailed studies of air samples inside and outside farms suffering an outbreak of PRRS, influenza A or porcine epidemic diarrhoea --- as well as poultry sites with highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Professor Segalés shares

PCV3: Emerging pathogen or incidental finding?

“Our recent work demonstrated the presence of the PCV-3 genome within mild-to moderate histological lesions of aborted fetuses.

Dr. Mike Murtaugh discusses

Do PCV2-a based vaccines cross protect?

In this video Dr. Mike Murtaugh discusses vaccine cross-protection on various PCV2 strains: PCV2a, PCV2b & PCV2d. He also talks about the outbreaks of PCVAD and how correct usage of the vaccine is key.

Update on Porcine Circovirus diseases

Update on Porcine Circovirus diseases

Prof Joaquim Segalés and Dr Oliver Duran Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) was initially detected in the late 1990s in North America and Europe associated with a post weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome in pigs. 

Why does a pig cough

Why does a pig cough?

Greg Stevenson


Diagnostic section

Understanding the epidemiology of Mhp, relies on accurate detection of the pathogen in live pigs.  The videos below provide a detailed guide to using the most advanced techniques to detect the pathogen on your farm.


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