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  • Boehringer Ingelheim funds three research projects against swine disease PRRS with a total of €75,000
  • Applications to submit research proposals can be made on www.prrs.com (link is external).

Ingelheim, Germany, 21 February 2018 – For the fifth time, Boehringer Ingelheim sponsors the European PRRS Research Award to support applied research for the improved control of the swine disease PRRS (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome). The submissions for the 2018 European PRRS Research Award are open until July 1st. To continuously work on practical approaches to manage the disease, the company will provide three grants of €25,000 each to fund research proposals that will generate new and practical information to better understand this devastating and costly disease.

The objectives of this initiative are to encourage research resulting in practical application strategies to control PRRS and to enhance the interaction among swine researchers and veterinarians. In addition, Boehringer Ingelheim’s intention is to enhance communication in the industry on practical PRRS control strategies and to reward research excellence. The PRRS virus infects pigs around the globe causing respiratory tract illness in growing pigs and reproductive failure in breeding stock; the company strives to find solutions for an improved PRRS control.

Applications to submit research proposals can be made on www.prrs.com (link is external). Each proposal will be reviewed by an independent review board of highly recognized swine industry professionals including researchers and practitioners. The board will select proposals based on several factors, including their significance, potential for impact to the swine industry, originality and innovation.

The winners of this year’s European PRRS Research Award will be announced in September 2018.

For more information please visit www.prrs.com (link is external).

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