Prevention Works

How Prevention Works

World-class vaccines

Preventing disease through vaccination plays a pivotal role in the management of swine health. Effective vaccination programs help keep pigs healthy and productive thus optimizing resource utilization and reducing the need for antibiotic treatments.

State of the art diagnostics

Our extensive expertise in vaccination and swine health is augmented by state-of-the-art diagnostic technology at our global diagnostic centres, in Ames, Iowa (USA), Shanghai Taizu (China) and Hanover (Germany).

Professional people with a passion for pigs

At Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health we want to work with you to ensure that together we can build an even brighter future for sustainable pig production and provide healthy pork for people across the world to enjoy. 

Support tools to monitor the benefit of prevention

We want to ensure that we can make prevention work for you, which is why we offer you tools that allow you to evaluate the success and sustainability of prevention.

Prevention Works

We believe that the value of an animal health company goes beyond the products they sell. It’s the industry knowledge, technical support and customized solutions they bring that really help improve your overall production and profitability.

Prevention Works is a holistic approach to swine health built on our range of innovative world-class vaccines complemented by:

  • Professional people with a passion for pigs
  • State-of-the-art diagnostics and support from global research facilities
  • Tools to evaluate the success of prevention

Ultimately we are committed to providing the unique knowledge, products and support services producers and veterinarians need to minimize disease transmission, maximize immune response and optimize profitability.

Our goal is to shape the future of Swine Health and help you take pig production to the next level.

All the World is a Distribution

2018-02-05 15:52:50

We have become very adept at reducing the complexity of the reality around us to facilitate understanding it, explaining it and managing it.  If I were to ask you what the pig price was today, you would probably quote me the average market price...


Winners of the 2018 European PRRS Research Award announced


Ingelheim, Germany, 26 September 2018 – The winners of the 2018 European PRRS Research Award have been announced at this year’s international swine veterinary assembly by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health in Lisbon, Portugal. PRRS (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome) continues to be a highly pr...

Boehringer Ingelheim launches a tool to aid in the prevention of African swine fever


Ingelheim, Germany, 17 December 2018 – Boehringer Ingelheim has developed ASF COMBAT (ASF Comprehensive Online Management and Biosecurity Assessment Tool). This tool enables pig producers to  evaluate areas for biosecurity improvement on their farms by completing a short questionnaire based on ASF virus scientific...