News about Ileitis

Swine practice: Marked increase in performance after ileitis vaccination


EU - Since the launch of Boehringer's ileitis vaccine "Enterisol® Ileitis" in most European countries from September to November 2005, the oral ileitis vaccine has very quickly become firmly established in health maintenance and performance enhancement in pig production.

According to the international journal "International Pig Topics", the vaccine not only prevents the disease and reduces animal losses. It also increases daily weight gain while improving weight uniformity within the fattening batches.

The fatteners can be sold earlier and in larger batches. Field studies in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland confirm an increase in daily weight gain of between 30 and 74 g during the fattening period.

See publication for further details:

Voets, H. (2006) Ileitis prevention by oral vaccination International Pig Topics, Volume 21 Number 4, pp: 11 + 13