Using natural protective agents in mature milk


Using natural protective agents in mature milk

Protective agents




The protective agents released during the entire lactation remain active in the piglets’ intestines.







Protective agents are important for the vulnerable intestines of the pig.

Immediate protective agents:

  • Immunglobulin A
    The mucosal antibodies in sows’ milk are produced in response to and are designed to protect piglets from the germs the sow is exposed to in her living environment. An hourly provision of lactation milk protects the mucosal surfaces of the piglets intestine from bacteria and viruses and also neutralizes toxins.
  • Lactoferrin
    Binds iron and thereby reduces bacterial multiplication in the intestines
  • Lysozyme
    Attacks bacterial cell walls and can be seen as a natural defence against bacteria
  • Cytokines
    Messenger-molecules that activate immune cells


Indirect protection by other ingredients of the sow’s milk:

  • Lactose present in the milk is digested by Lactobacilli and Bifidobacter stimulating their proliferation whereby:
    • There is a drop in pH in the intestines
    • This health-giving microflora suppresses disease-causing bacteria such as E.coli