The 2 phases of milk production


The 2 phases of milk production

Phases milk production

1. Colostrum phase

  • On average sows produce about 5 litres of colostum, where every piglet needs 250 ml each
  • Colostrum is released within 15 hours of the birth-process starting
  • Be aware of the "milk gap" between day 1 and day 2. At this point a deficiency in nutrient supply may arise. This is often interpreted and recorded as the sow being hypogalactic.

2. Lactation milk

  • From day 2 onwards normal, lactation milk is produced.
  • At the peak of lactation, the sowcan produce as much as 15-17 litres a day of milk. Strong, active piglets stimulate sow’s milk production better by more forceful massaging of the udder

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