BECAL (The Boehringer Ingelheim Economic Calculator) was created in collaboration with industry experts to provide a convenient tool for the economic analysis of vaccination interventions. The tool evaluates preventative health measures by easily calculating return on investment and benefit-cost ratios based on your production data. BECAL enables effective and proactive planning to help you to shape the future of swine health.



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Farm Performance Baseline Alternative Difference Difference %
Weight in (kg)
Weight out (kg)
Downtime (days)
ADWG (kg)
ADOF (days)
Turns / year
Feed consumed per head (kg)
Mortality (%)
No pigs died / group
Avg. weight of dead pigs (kg)
Avg. days on feed of dead pigs (days)
Farm Economics Baseline Alternative Difference Difference %
Feed price (/ton)
Price carcass weight (/kg)
Carcass Yield (%)
All med. & all vac. Cost ()
New vac. cost only ()
Baseline Alternative Difference Difference %
Margin over feed and medicine per pig ()
Margin over feed and medicine per batch ()
Pig production (annually)
Margin over feed and medicine per year
Return on Investment (ROI)
Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR)
Growth Valorisation Approach
The change observed is g per day
It represents kg per pig
per pig
A change in ADWG of g per day
In growth equals per pig present
Increasing your growth with kg per day makes the vaccine profitable
FCR - Economic Approach
The change observed is kg per kg
It represents kg of feed per pig
per pig
A change of kg per kg
in FCR equals per pig
Decreasing your FCR with kg per kg makes the vaccine profitable
The change observed is % per group
It represents pigs per group
per pig present
A change of %
in loss equals per pig present
Decreasing your mortality rate with % per group makes the vaccine profitable