For active immunisation of clinically healthy pigs at 17 days of age and older from farms affected with genotype 1 PRRSV.


Vaccine overview:

  • For active immunisation of clinically healthy pigs from 17 days of age from farms affected with PRRSV type I.
  • One 1 ml dose administered via a single intramuscular injection
  • Onset of immunity at 3 weeks with a duration of 26 weeks


The only piglet-specific PRRS vaccine designed to maximise pig performance in all stages of production:

  • Reduction of respiratory clinical signs
  • Reduces viraemia in pigs exposed to the virus
  • Reduction of lung lesions and virus load in lung tissues.
  • Reduces the negative effects of infection on daily weight gain​​
  • Also efficacious among piglets with high levels of maternal antibodies
  • The only vaccine approved to reduce respiratory clinical signs caused by PRRS
  • Protection that lasts until slaughter. Healthier, heavier piglets with greater weight gains at all stages of production

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