It is the first and only freshly mixed combination vaccine vaccine that controls two of the most important respiratory diseases in swine - PCVAD and M. hyo – in 1 effective shot around weaning.


Vaccine Overview

  • One shot around weaning of the freshly mixed FLEXcombo® vaccine provides effective control of both PCV2 and M. hyo.
  • Fewer injections, less handling and stress on pigs and people Vaccinating pigs against two diseases in a single injection reduces stress on pigs and reduces the labor needed compared to a two-dose protocol.
  • Headspace bottle benefit The Ingelvac MycoFLEX® headspace bottle technology provides a convenient way to freshly mix the vaccines prior to administration.

FLEXcombo® combines the immunizing power and all the benefits of the individual Ingelvac CircoFLEX® and Ingelvac MycoFLEX® vaccines into a single 2 mL injection that is approved for administration for pigs 3 weeks of age or older.

Because both vaccines contain the unique ImpranFLEX® adjuvant technology, they are highly compatible and provide a rapid, long lasting immune response, with low risk of adverse reactions.

Efficacy is the most important factor in the development of vaccines; however, we go further. With our customers and the health and wellbeing of their animals in mind we focus on creating vaccines that provide the pig performance you expect, minimize vaccination stress to the animal and can be conveniently administered by you.

This is why we developed ImpranFLEX® technology, an aqueous polymer adjuvant containing a matrix of crosslinked polymers that act like a sponge to the antigen. The antigens on the surface of the sponge-like matrix are released quickly whilst the sponge also releases antigen more slowly leading to a prolonged immune stimulus ImpranFLEX® is specifically designed to allow single dose, low volume vaccines with a fast onset of immunity and reliable protection all the way to slaughter.

By using this platform for various vaccines we bring you products which can be mixed to further reduce vaccination stress for both you and your pigs without compromising safety or efficacy