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We live a world which is undergoing significant change.  Never in the history of life on the planet has there been more demand for the transformation of the Earth’s scarce raw materials into consumer goods for people around the globe. The world is being reorganized to facilitate the globalization of both demand and production, so the desires of people next door and in the farthest reaches of the planet can be communicated in real time to the millions of production and distribution chains around the world standing ready to fulfill them.  At the same time, those very production processes are being challenged with the problem of how to satisfy these inexhaustible wants utilizing a finite set of scarce global resources.



Dennis Dipietre

Dennis DiPietre received the BSA and MS degrees from the University of Arkansas and the Ph.D. with Research Excellence from Iowa State University in 1986 where he joined the economics faculty until 1991.  During this period Dr. DiPietre was a Research Associate of the Columbia Center for Futures, Columbia University, New York.  Dr. DiPietre has participated in continuing education from the USDA in Agricultural Ethics and from Harvard University (Senior Program on Negotiation) and the University of Chicago (Optimization Modeling in the Presence of Risk). 

From 1991 until 1999 he served as Extension Associate Professor and Leader of the Commercial Agriculture Swine-Focus Team at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  In addition, he was a member of the Value-added Advisory Board for Agriculture.  Dr. DiPietre left the University of Missouri in 1999 and spent two years working in the area of e-commerce for agriculture as Vice President for Food Applications Group at E-Markets, Inc. and as the Associate Director of the Center for Information Systems and Structural Change at the University of Minnesota. 

A consultant to agricultural and food industries since the mid 1980s, Dr. DiPietre now consults full time and currently works nationally and internationally with leading production companies, packers, genetics and pharmaceutical companies as well as the industry associations.  Dr. DiPietre writes a periodic newsletter for industry executives and managers and focuses on innovation, precision production and marketing, cost containment, optimization modeling and negotiation.

A frequent speaker to pork producers, swine veterinary practitioners, industry and agricultural associations and industry management, he has co-authored a popular University textbook in Farm Management and contributed chapters to three other books as well as numerous refereed journal articles and contributions to professional meetings and societies.  A published journal article co-authored by Dr. DiPietre was selected for inclusion in the Core Historical Literature of Agriculture at Cornell University, a selected compendium of the key contributions to agricultural science and literature over the last 200 years. 

He received the 1997 Missouri Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity, and while at university, numerous teaching and research awards.  He is a Leman Fellow of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV).