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Continous supervision of farrowings

In the case of prolonged farrowings, it may be beneficial to massage the abdomen of the sow.


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Large litters consisting of many low-weight piglets require continuous and systematic control of the birth process. In this way the risk of mortality, especially from crushing, can be minimised.

Make sure that every piglet ingests colostrum as soon as possible after birth.

A heat lamp behind the sow may be beneficial.

An interval of more than 1 hour between the birth of two consecutive piglets indicates the need for intervention such as manual assistance.

Ensure the highest level of hygiene and use a disposable glove and sterile lubricant for manual intervention.

Oxytocin (max. 25 IU/sow) should only be applied when at least 4 piglets have been born.  Premature application of oxytocin may result in a higher number of deadborn pigs.










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Pegs in  different colours e.g. red, yellow, green can be used, clipped to a sow card to help in transferring information between farrowing-room employees:

e.g. Red peg: long labour, sow needs manual intervention

Green peg: fever, needs attention and follow-up

Yellow peg: vaginal discharge, needs attention

Pegs at the side of the card signifies attention required, when moved to the base of card, this indicates that measures have been taken, were checked and have been successful.