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Are the pigs lying in the correct way?

Both groups of pigs have been treated. The red stripe on each piglet indicates that every piglet has been treated. Do you recognize specific signs?

This is how it should be

In harmony:

  • Immediately after treatment piglets should return to the udder. Energy-supply is then secured, teat order stabilised and milk production of the sow remains consistent.


Figure 1 Image


Abnormal lying behaviour with some huddling

Risk for the piglets:

  • During one or more milking bouts, there is no milk consumed
  • New teat order established
  • Hypothermia occurs
  • Crushed piglets


Figure 1 Image


Correcting lying behaviour

Huddling is often seen in combination with sternal lying behaviour. This is another sign of discomfort. The way piglets lie on the floor after a specific treatment is  ndicative of the physical impact. Observe your piglets carefully!

When growth of suckling pigs is seriously retarded, there is no chance of reaching the correct weaning weights.

Only well-developed piglets with high weaning weights will have good growth rates after weaning and during the grow-finishing phase.