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Don’t vaccinate pigs too early

  • While the advice below is generally applicable there may be exceptions, particularly for vaccines that are not delivered intramuscularly.
  • Avoid vaccination during the first 10 days of life*: Energy-intake may be impaired because pigs that are vaccinated need more time before they resume sucking the sow again.
  • Smaller piglets have less energy reserves than their larger and stronger littermates and may be even more compromised
  • The immune system of young piglets is not yet completely developed
  • A stable body temperature is only achieved after 10 days of age: higher risk of hypothermia during and after treatments (Sign: huddling)
  • Stronger adverse reactions to vaccinations in young pigs and susceptible litters may occur (i.e. vomiting, huddling, oedema at the site of injection)


Figure 1 Image


Vomiting is a known adverse reaction to injections in very young pigs








*Exception to the rule: vaccination against oedema disease may be required earlier. Follow veterinary advice of your herd vet