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Injecting pigs

Injecting, what’s the theory?


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Most vaccinations in piglets are administered intramuscularly in the neck, behind the ear.









Modern vaccines contain well designed and safe adjuvants which are usually free of negative side-effects.

Advantages of registered fresh mixable combi-vaccines for pigs are:

  • Reduction of number of injections for Circovirus and Mycoplasma
  • Less handling-stress as the result of less handling of piglets



Needle length
Diameter of needle
1 - 10 12 - 20 0,8 - 1,4


Injecting pigs, what happens in practice?

The dose-volume and adjuvant of modern vaccines are designed for suckling pigs. The efficacy of the vaccination therefore depends on the site of injection. Injection-needles should be changed between each litter that is vaccinated.


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Intramuscular injection in the neck, behind the ear base.







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Blunt or bent needles increase tissue-damage and the risk of infection/inflammation. This may lead to the development of injection site abcesses.