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Signs of hypogalactia

Hypogalactia is likely to result in malnutrition of suckling pigs.


Figure 1 Image


Piglets will show (some of) the following signs:

  • Skin lesions on the carpal joints

  • Fighting wounds under the eyes because of competition for a teat

  • Empty bellies are a subtle but important sign of hypogalactia: how much milk has been ingested in the last few hours? (see the picture below: full, half-full, empty)


Figure 1 Image


Full bellies

These piglets immediately appear to be o.k. but closer inspection reveals that their bellies could have been fuller. Check the udder of the sow.


Figure 3 Image


After sufficient colostrum-intake in the first 24 hours after birth piglets can be supplemented with milk-replacer in round-drinkers and/or so called ‘milk-cups’  to ensure optimal weaning weight. The weaning weight is decisive for further growth after weaning.


Figure 4 Image