Partnership between the Boehringer Ingelheim swine team and the swine industry continues to build on the technical and knowledge leadership that our organization brings to the industry.


Disease control

An animal health company should provide more than just products to help its customers. That’s why the Boehringer Ingelheim is dedicated to providing both effective vaccines and practical, research-proven solutions that prevent disease and result in healthier, productive pigs. 

Disease prevention can make or break a pig’s performance, because healthier pigs reach heavier weights. In fact, pigs receiving vaccines and raised with other disease prevention protocols weigh more than their less healthy counterparts. Which means if you’re not preventing, you’re not profiting as much as you could.

“We recognize there are a host of respiratory disease challenges that impact swine production and performance,” says Dr. Daryl Olsen, AMVC veterinarian and member of the Respiratory Disease Research Board. “PRRS and other swine respiratory diseases are high-risk, potentially very costly challenges that swine producers must be able to manage,” says Dr. Reid Philips, technical manager, BIVI.

Here you will be able to find information about the control and management of PRDC, specifically porcine circovirus Type 2 (PCV2), Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S), in addition to PRRS. 

Enteric diseases, caused by infectious agents affecting the intestinal tract, have a significant health and economic impact on pig production. Vaccination, along with hygiene and management, plays a pivotal role in controlling enteric diseases on today’s pig farms.

Effective vaccination programmes help keep pigs healthy and productive thus optimizing resource utilization and reducing the need for antibiotic treatments. With a long history of innovative vaccines and world-class technical support Boehringer Ingelheim does indeed bring you the best in Enteric Solutions.